General / 25 August 2021

Although the last two weeks were far busier than I ever expected them to be, it seems like the momentum has definitely died down.

The good news is: "Work of Shields: Art and Animation" is finally official. Documents were signed August 19, just in time to send some professional invoices out.

In the last two weeks, I completed all inner Sailor Scout transformation rods which can be found on my portfolio and are also available as prints. I also completed the half sleeve tattoo commission. Once the tattoo is officially completed, I'll be sharing the design because although the request wont make sense to a stranger, I'm pretty happy with the line work.

Like I mentioned in the last post, the office theme was "Royalty" which inspired my painting, "Crown Of Love." It felt really good to do some original art and not fan art for a change, so I'm hoping that while things are quiet I can get more of that completed. Unfortunately it also seems like the momentum for the office challenges is dead and no one is interested in submitting anything. Which sucks, it was a great push for inspiration, but what can you do. Crown of Love is also available as a print in my Etsy store.

I received a good handful of Etsy orders, as well as an impromptu dog portrait commission that needed a quick turnaround. I did end up seeing some traditional pieces on Art Station so it's one of my goals this week to upload my gouache portraits to my portfolio. That along with setting up Patterns on Etsy, and updating all my current listings.

The first three pages of the children's book were officially finished and approved, but unfortunately the rest of the book has been put on hold while the company deals with other contact issues. Super disappointing, but hopefully things will resume soon.